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A child is born, “Galen”

This is my  Grand Father, Clayton Royer, holding me,  his first grandson.

Our New Home in the Country

Along the Union Deposit Road, Route 23, East of



In 1934 we moved to the farm next to Grandpa Frysinger and starting fixing up the barn to raise chickens. I helped as I could while learning carpentry. Creating the second floor in the barn was the real fun. Going up the half finished stairs was the challenge.


I was born on August 21, 1931 in the

southwest front bedroom of Grandpa

Frysinger's house at R.D. 1,

Harrisburg, PA. Since I was early, I

arrived before Dr. Horn could come to

help in the birth. Even before that,

however, I had caused problems in

that my mother Irene lost her first job

as a school librarian since they

considered it unprofessional to be

pregnant during the school term.

Father brought some gladiolus to

mom during my first days so mom

always told me that they were her

most favorite flowers.

According to Mother, my life almost ended at a very early age. On one of those Sunday trips to the Royer's in Lititz, I went strolling alone in the back yard and decided to take a swim in the goldfish pond. Mom rescued me and made me well again, since I was found face down in the water. From that day on the pond had a fence around it high enough to keep little guys out, a great inconvenience in later years when I sailed my small boat in it.
before my swim
After my Swim
The biggest impression during my early years was the cellar door, which dropped on my head creating a wound which took some time to heal, and which some say, affected the way I thought about things for the rest of my life.
the cellar door
 me with  head bandage

My sister Anne, sitting next to Me.

Our dog Tippi

My Life

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A child is born,


This is my  Grand Father, Clayton Royer, holding me,  his first grandson.

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