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Traveler and Photographer
I am a retired scientist (chemistry and physics).  After getting my PhD from Yale I spent time doing research in Germany on Fulbright and National Science Foundation grants,
Most of my work was with new products.
My retirement interests changed to Comparative Ethnography, comparing how people live, their tools, and how they dress. 
Dr. Galen Royer Frysinger
My Web Design Software
From 1998 to 2017 I used Microsoft Frontpage to create over 5000 Photographic related webpages
In 2018 I started using Xara Web Designer
Compare these new pages to the Microsoft Frontpage equivalent
on Lake Michigan
city of Sheboygan
Legend on the name SheBoyGan
After having two male children, the Chiefs wife, who has just again delivered, has to explain to the Chief, who wanted a girl child, "She Boy Again"  
Galen in 1957 at the Arctic circle in Finland
tennis on a clay court at the Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, Michigan  
looking for wild life
August 21, 2016
Our Home
Dr. Galen Royer Frysinger and his wife Marlene E. Roeseler
I have traveled to 180 independent countries plus 91 dependencies which are separate enough  due to geography, culture or history to warrant being considered separate territories.
                     To  Z Zimbabwe viewing Victoria Falls
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