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 donkey park next to country market, Haiti

On the Road to Cap-Haïtien, Haiti

"The Camel"

used in 1998 as a people mover

because of a shortage of buses in Cuba

Yap stone money

My Photos of   Yap   Palau  Guam

Sounds of African Atlantic Coast

The boy has the honor of caring for the buffalo, the Toraja in Sulawesi, Indonesia
man harvesting salt which is caked on the shallow bottom, on Retba Pink Lake, Senegal
Khor Virap Monastery, Armenia
Mt. Ararat, behind, is located in Turkey
Albert Market, the Gambia
The Carnival Trinidad and Tabego 2012
Steeldrum Band in Trinidad Steeldrum Band in Trinidad

Photos by Dr. Galen Royer Frysinger

South America

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making the "Panama" hat in Ecuador
Indian Village Market near Cuzco, Peru