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Marlene Edith Roeseler Collection

The results of 30 years of finding Quilts
that represent the efforts of rural Middle America


Most Valuable Quilt


Cathedral Windows


Windows of Farm Home scrap fabrics




red embroidery on simple cotton cloth
hand stitched to form a Quilt

Often done on a quilt frame in the front Parlor
 with friends and neighbors
helping with the hand stitching


More Farm Home Quilts



Velvet Fabric Crazy Quilt

74" x 89"


More Crazy Quilts



Cross-stitch design from a Crib Quilt


Crib Quilts



Wall Hangings





My Collection of Christmas Quilts


Although not a Quilt
this Chenille Bed Spread
was Marlene's Mother's Pride and Joy
brought out only when special people visited


Marlene has been a quilter since her retirement in 2003

To see her creative efforts
and her Sheboygan County Fair awards

Quilts by Marlene


Director's page

the Quilt Museum

Dr. Galen R Frysinger, Fund Director    

Collection Curator                       


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