Travel Quilts


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From my Overseas Travel


Japan through the Attic Window

44" x 36"

Detail of Window 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

memory quilt from my visit to Japan in March 2005
using Japanese fabrics from a flea market in Kyoto
and some local USA printed fabric


Memories of India

33" x 29"

detail of girl and camel


child and camel, Samode, India

taken from this photo by my husband, Galen R Frysinger

memory quilt of our visit to India in 2006


New Zealand Memories

60.5" X 72.5"

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Travels in the USA


Glacier inspired "Blue on Blue"

22.5" x 20.5"



Surprise Glacier, Prince William Sound, Alaska


San Rafael Glacier, Chile

inspired by these photos by my husband,  Galen R Frysinger


Blue on Blue (reverse)

memories of my travel in 2003


Alaska's Three Bears

41" x 29.5"

detail of Black Bear, Polar Bear, and Brown Bear


Matrioshka Russian Dolls

16.5" x 19"


Russian Dolls (Reverse)


Sea Otter Family

20" x 20"

on a pillow cover

the above three Alaska Quilts were from patterns
acquired during my visit there in 2003


got a blue ribbon at the 2009 Sheboygan County Fair


Pride of the Prairie

45" x 45"

detail of teepee and Buffalo

memory quilt from my Western US visit in 2004


Memories of Southwest

Award at the 2015 County Fair



Happy Trails to You

51" x 62"

fabrics purchased on visit to the West




Kokopelli's Song

23" x 29"

Memory Quilt of Southwest US trip

March 2008


Mr. Rooster and Son

15' x 13"

a pattern acquired on my visit to Williamsburg, VA


Cactus Flower

Award at the 2015 County Fair


my Christmas gift (2008) to my husband, The Traveler and Photographer


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