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My Interests

Marlene Roeseler


Hi, I am Marlene
After 31 years as a teacher in elementary school
my retirement enthusiasm has been quilting
My Quilts can be seen at  Quilts-by-Marlene.com

Twelve Days of Christmas

My Car

PT Cruiser Creed
Having had this "Position of Honor" bestowed upon me, I vow to do   my best, to be as diligent as I can in maintaining my responsibilities to the   High Standards that come along with this during my ownership. 
I will Drive down the roads SLOWLY so that other drivers can get a   good look at my PT.
I will keep it clean and shining.
I will Show it Off, every chance I get.
And above all, I will "Brag" about my car, and take the time to   always answer the "Questions of the Curious".

My Family

Sheboygan County Sheriff Cory Roeseler

Marlene’s Nephew

with his Father, Frederick Roeseler

Marlene’s Brother

Marlene Roeseler’s Brothers,

Frederick Roeseler and Allan Roeseler

Other Patchwork Quilt Expos Other Patchwork Quilt Expos
We hope you get a chance to look into our history, even if we are gone to the COVID-19
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Sheboygan County Wisconsin Quilt Museum Sheboygan County Wisconsin Quilt Museum
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