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Blog: April 2018

at El Camino Restaurant

Marlene Roeseler

Galen’s # 10
Marlene’ # 6
Still the Birthday Month Celebrations
Friday Fish Fry
Pan fried Perch dinner plate
Deep fried Perch dinner plate
with German potato salad and marbled Rye bread
Marlene enjoying her Perch dinner
a browny ice cream desert
which we shared
Then came the Birthday Roses “One Dozen”
at Rupp’s Supper Club
Marlene loves her cake
a Birthday drink at “Braking Bread” Sunday April 22, 2018
Marlene’s Birthday Brunch
Galen’s choices
After a short nap ready to cut the cake
the salad
fettichina alfredo
Galen’s penne with meat sauce
Marlene’s lunch
at Luigi’s  4/24/2018
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