Quilts of my favorite Animals

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Owl in Autumn

36" x 40.5"

inspired by Nancy Davis-Murty, a Palmyra, New York, Quilt Artist

detail of owl, and reverse


getting a Ribbon at the Sheboygan County Fair



Barn Owl at Midnight

33.5" x 41"


Designed, Drawn, Pieced and Machine Quilted
Marlene E Roeseler
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Completed January 2008



A copy of a Quilt presented to Wolong Panda Breeding Center, China
during my visit there in June 2005



Penguins at Play

43.5" x 47"

Penguin diving sliding mother and child

My fun quilt from a Web pages design


Going to the County Fair

25.5" x 25.5"


Shepherd and his Flock

54.5" X 54.5"


Chatter in the Hen House

15" X 46"



Mr. Tom Turkey

22" x 22"



Mr. Thomas Turkey

22" x 22"

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