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Strolling the Block

69" x 55.5"

My first BOM (Block of the Month) project was in 2002
Each month a pattern was displayed on HGTV web pages
to which one added their creativity
the quilt design being evolved from January to December


Wee People Village

64" x 64"

Later a BOM from "Future Heirlooms" web pages
lead to this impulse of creativity

when viewing this Quilt look for the Wee People faces
peering out from many corners

for larger images click below


Isabella's Garden

55" x 47.5"

larger photo

detail of birdhouse, Isabella, flower box, flower basket, fence row

A later HGTV BOM was the inspiration for this Quilt


Garden Fairies

58" x 72"





Blue Ribbon at the 2013 Sheboygan County Fair

Photos from the County Fair

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